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Never underestimate the value of an attractive, durable roof and even better a Knoxville roofing company that knows how to design and install top rated roofing systems for residential and commercial properties! That’s who we are and what we do. We also do repairs and develop customized durable solutions . . . but best of all we are a local Knoxville roofing company! We are bonded, insured, and well skilled in all accepted OSHA standards in construction. We don’t skip on quality or safety in repair and construction. In fact, many of our existing customers have come from our long list of satisfied customers. We are well known for our success in Knoxville. In fact, we rate high among our competitors, not just because of our skills, but because we really do care!

We are Knoxville roofers that are dedicated to excellence in all that we do and we don’t cut corners on quality, ever! This includes our top of the line materials which are also well warranted by our manufacturers, our highly trained caring professionals, and most importantly, our unsurpassed level of excellence in customer service. We utilize the best materials, hire the best experienced talent and then arm them with the knowledge, tools and support to provide the best. . . at the best price!

How We Meet Homeowners’ Needs

knoxville roofersWe help homeowners go to bed each night knowing their roofs are in good repair and successfully protecting the inside, outside and contents. We are the local area experts for roofing Knoxville TN that you can always count on to know the best ways to repair, replace and affordably maintain your home. If your home is older or if you have experienced some of severe weather conditions, you will want to call our office for a No-Charge, No Obligation examination. We’ll check out the condition of your home and assist you in all your roof repairs or replacement.

The condition of your roof reflects the quality, upkeep, and overall value of your property. From a simple single-family home, to an entire commercial development, our Knoxville roofing company is well versed in all aspects of design, construction, maintenance and repairs. We handle flat, ceramic, tile, shake and any other type of solution in Tennessee. We are all well versed in all types of modified roof coverings. We have built new systems in entire new residential and commercial developments, and skillfully rehabbed classic old traditional, contemporary and historic homes.

Roofing systems come in all sizes, shapes and configurations, but they are always an important aspect to protecting your properties. The longer a failing system is ignored, the more it can cost. Rain, snow, wind and bitter storms, along with the usual structural aging issues can accelerate the ongoing roof damage, opening up the building’s foundation for damage throughout the home or commercial building.

Could You Have Hidden Roof Damage?

The answer is yes! Knoxville’s climate is not only wet and humid, but sprinkled with patches of severe weather and storms throughout each season. This can take a real toll on both residential and commercial structures. In fact, even the most insignificant roof leak can actually cause thousands of dollars in damage, often before you even are aware of it. It is a good idea to call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION on the condition of your property annually, as finding leaks and points of possible failure early, could save you thousands in costly property damages later. Continued exposure to the harsh elements of weather can Our experts will conduct a physical inspection, inform you of any leaks or failure possibilities, provide you with information to rectify the situation, and help with any insurance inquires for reimbursement. Schedule a time for your free estimate online or give us a call toll free at 877-999-0258

Why DIY is Not Always a Good Idea for Knoxville Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Not all buildings are the same. Each structure is somewhat unique. There are also many types of materials, adhesives and hardware. There are also many things beneath the roof that could also be damaged that are often unable to be seen by the naked eye. It is actually possible to do more damage than good when you do an improper repair job.

Our Services Provide Unlimited Opportunities to Improve the Value of Your Home

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Full Service Repairs . . . If Your Property is In Jeopardy, we are your best solution for both residential and commercial roof repairs and restorations!

We Love Making Life Easy for Property Management Professionals

– It’s nearly impossible for today’s overworked property managers to keep an eye on multiple properties. Given this and taking into account the varying ages and conditions of each roof, it is a massive challenge, at the very least. It’s also very difficult to stay on top of the varying weather conditions for each property. We help property managers with customized programs that include regularly planned checks and repairs as needed. Call our office today for more information on our affordable, roofing maintenance program.

Types of Knoxville Roofing That We Specialize In

Our Knoxville roofers do all types of shingled systems! We can do the simplest cottage to the fanciest estate, a tall stately peaked system, or a flat commercial system. We can replace it with the same type, or pending zoning regulations, we may be able to re-engineer it to give your home, commercial or industrial building a newer more high-end prestigious appearance. We work equally as well with all types of composite materials, such as asphalt or modified solutions, as well as working with slate, clay, concrete, porcelain and wood.

We Warranty Our Materials and Our Craftsmanship 

Since there are so many types, materials and pricing structures for specific applications, we are able to warranty everything we do! And, our manufacturers also stand behind their products. Once we determine the best solution repair or restoration for you, we’ll explain very clearly how we warranty our work, assuring that you get the best value solution for your needs. Call our local office to schedule your inspection today!

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