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The condition of your home reflects the quality, upkeep, and overall value of your property. From a simple single-family home, to an entire commercial roofing development, our company is well versed in all aspects of design, construction, maintenance and repairs. We handle flat, ceramic, tile, shake and any other type of roofing.  We experienced with new installation for new residential and commercial developments, and skillfully rehabbed classic old traditional, contemporary and historic homes.

It might appear that the most important job of a roof is to protect its valuable content, while in reality, the most paramount task is to protect the structure itself. Without a well-built roof in good repair, even the smallest leak or damage can cause ongoing structure erosion and damage, as ongoing aging and weather can compound the damage, wreaking havoc on the property and on its value.

If you value your properties, it is a good idea to develop a trusted relationship with a quality roofing contractor. If you wait until there is damage and multiple leaks, the damage can escalate quickly. It is so much easier and cost-effective to be prepared in advance. Our team of Tennessee roofers are here for you. We provide quick, free evaluations, design and material guidance, so you can rest assured you have the best team, talent, materials and service anywhere in Tennessee. Call us today and we’ll make sure you and your property are in the best hands possible!

We provide a comprehensive list of services. Call us for:

  1. Residential and commercial roof repairs such as leaks caused by aging and weather
  2. Ongoing roof maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties
  3. Certifications for properties that are for sale
  4. New construction roofing for homes and commercial properties
  5. Construction for new room add-ons, sheds and garage additions


From Minor Roof Repairs to Full Roof Replacements . . . Tennessee Counts on us!

At Tennessee Roofing Pros we are experienced in all types of structure repairs and replacements! We assist you with all aspects of your roofing challenges, from your initial price quote, all the way through the design, installation and the final inspection process.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction! Every element of every project is overseen by trained residential and commercial roofing professionals who keep your needs, wants, resources and budget in mind throughout your project. From the smallest residential roofing plans to an entire new commercial roofing development, our team of professionals can make your project a breeze!

We care more! Not only do we provide a full scope of services, but all of the related tasks related to completing your project. We’ll help with weathered screens, vents, gutters, fencing, and more!

More about our comprehensive list of services in Tennessee . . .

Free roof inspections for Home and Commercial Building Owners – Rain, wind, hail and storms can take a toll on your property, and especially your roof. After a long winter, strong winds or a hail storm you should call us to have your home or business inspected for damage. Catching a problem before it gets out of hand, can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement costs or worse yet water damage from heavy rains breaching the roofing system.

Real Estate Sale Inspections for Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals – If you are looking to sell or buy a home or commercial property, you might consider including a roof inspection prior to closing the deal. If you are selling, you should be able to get a better price with a high-quality roof that is in good repair. If you are buying a home or commercial property, you want to know that you are getting a great looking roof with no problems on your new property, before you invest your hard-earned money!

Total Repair Services . . . No Job too Large, No Job too Small – No matter what type of roofing system you have, our team of roofing contractors are Tennessee’s best connection for quality, dependable repair services. If you need a new installation, we’ll tell you. If we can accomplish your goals with minor repairs; we’ll tell you upfront. We understand the final decision is up to you, but we’ll make sure you are well educated about what maintenance you need, as well as all the exciting new options available in the construction industry today. We will also show you how repairing minor roof damage today, could ultimately save you thousands in the future. Stopping ongoing leaks and compounding damage could not only save your property, but eliminate additional damage and leaks in the future, while protecting the integrity of your buildings.

Property Management Services and Ongoing Support – Busy property managers love working with our company! We take time to understand your challenges, inspect your properties and create a customized program to help you affordably maintain your structures. Our program includes information, guidance and ongoing inspections for safety and durability. Catching leaks or potential failure points early will not only assure that your structure remains stable, but could also save you hundreds to thousands with ongoing damage and even a possible failure.

Replacements and Renovation Roofing Projects for All Types of Residential and Commercial Properties – When your roof is aged or has met with severe weather, a total replacement may be the only viable solution. We work with your insurance company to help you get the correct reimbursement for your home. We’ll work with your during the assessment process when your insurance examiner will also assess the situation. We’ll help you keep costs down, all while making sure you have the perfect roof for your renovation.

Gutter and Trim Replacement and Repairs With or Without a New Roof – Leaky gutters? A gutter system is an extremely important component for protecting your home. If the gutters and gutter guards are installed incorrectly or are leaking, the water can cause severe damage to the interior of your home. Don’t let water damage your home, we can correct the problem before it becomes too big.

Complete Tear-off Services and Site Clean-up – We’ll remove the old roof covering and clean up the site, prior to beginning your project. Then, upon completing your new installation, we’ll again police your yard and parking areas are safe, and clear from debris.

Tennessee’s Leading Residential Roofing Experts

Our installation and repair teams are among Tennessee’s best trained, insured and bonded professional experts. All our installers are given comprehensive OSHA Training and are covered by our own workers compensation coverage. We know this business better, and we work hard to not only meet our client’s expectations, but to surpass them! We take pride in our work and in our industry. So, whether it is a new or a replacement roof, give us a call first and let us help you make your next project a quick and easy one.

We have professional roofers on our staff who can fix the smallest repair, or complete a new installation. We are proficient at all types of residential roof construction, from single-family homes to entire new home developments. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your property, provide extensive information about all your options, and then work with you to assure the absolute best results for your specific property’s challenges, schedule and budget.

Renovation and Property Rehabilitation Experts in TN

Our team of professional designers and contractors know all about roofing and the unique weather and challenges in our TN climate. You can trust us to help you choose the best roofing materials and to install it right, the first time. In just one quick meeting with our pros, you learn exactly how a good roofing system should be constructed, explore all types of replacement roof solutions, and share how you can get the best roof for your specific residential or commercial property. Our experts will work directly with you from the beginning of your project, to the final review. We will patiently answer your questions, as we work toward the perfect replacement roof for you. And, remembering that each and every property is unique in its design, geography, climate, needs and usage, you can trust your licensed, insurance, OSHA trained, experts to guide you easily through the process of getting your roof replaced.

Tennessee’s Commercial Experts

As a front-runner in the roofing industry, we couldn’t be more proud of our committed, dedicated elite crews of well-trained OSHA certified, insured, commercial roofing installation specialists. Our professionals are knowledgeable about all aspects of commercial roof design, construction and maintenance. We respect your investment in your property and are committed to excellence on all levels. We are not just residential roofers who do some commercial roofing projects. We are leaders in our industry at designing and installing the most complex commercial development applications.

Commercial properties can run the entire gambit. From basic flat construction (Modified EPDM TPO/PVC), to asphalt, metal and even elaborate ceramic tiles, but no matter what type of materials your commercial property has, you want only the best materials and craftsmanship. The current value and the future value are both affected by the quality and condition of the entire system. We take pride and ownership in every project, we are a part of, from the smallest roof repair, to the most extreme renovation we undertake.

If you are concerned about the condition or quality of the roof on your commercial building, you’ll want to contact us as soon as possible for your free evaluation and estimate. A minor investment in roof repairs now, could save you thousands in ongoing, structural and content damage later. Roofing issues do not go away, they usually get much worse, as do the repair bills. The best time to call us, is before the damage is severe. Ignoring or delaying needed repair and maintenance will only compound your damage and your repair bills.

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