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All roofing materials are not created the same and every property has its own unique style and footprint. Understanding this is just one of the many things that has helped elevate our company to where we are today, a leader in Tennessee’s roofing industry. We approach each residential and commercial property individually, addressing the unique needs and wants of each property owner. This assures you that you are getting the best information and guidance for your specific property.

If you are buying or building a new structure, we encourage you to involve us as quickly as possible in the planning stage. We’ll help you assess your needs, provide you with detailed information about your options, so you can be assured that you are achieving the best, most affordable solutions.

Shingles – Shingles are the most commonly used materials. The shingles are most often square or rectangular shaped, and are installed by securely installing them in a simple overlapping beginning from the bottom edge of the roof up. Each new layer then is then carefully placed with each joint overlapped to provide a safe, secure covering. Shingles can be made from a wide variety of durable, attractive materials. There are shingles made from wood, slate, flagstone, fiber cement, clay, metal, plastic and composite materials, like asphalt.

Asphalt Shingles –  Most residential homes and many commercial properties are covered with asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are less costly to manufacture and install than many other types of shingles. They are durable, and attractive, and come in wide variety of colors to match any style of architecture. There are also hail resistant options for added resilience, and exciting new textures and designs to choose from. If cost and durability are key to your replacement project, you will definitely want to explore all of the beautiful options available in affordable asphalt shingles.

Slate Shingles – Slate is one of the more attractive options available for your residential or commercial project. Slate materials come in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. For property owners who prefer that their property blends in with nature, slate is among the more coveted type of roof coverings.  Since slate materials have the lowest water absorption indexes of all materials, it can last longer, while also increasing the property’s long term value.

Wood Shingles – Nothing has the style and grace of wood shingles. When applied to an already attractive home, wood shingles add an air of sophistication and style. There are some cities in the US that have restrictions regarding wood shingle installation and repair. If you have or think you might like to have wood shingles on your residential or commercial property, you will want to discuss it with our experts who are well versed in Tennessee’s building regulations.

Clay Tile – At the top of elite styles, clay tile is absolutely the most elegant choice for the discerning property owners. Said to last up to 100 years, it is a prime choice for owners of prestigious estates, historical buildings and national landmarks.

Concrete Tile – Most people are drawn to the beauty and functionality of a naturally beautiful clay materials because they are not only attractive, but they are also durable, weather resilient, and energy efficient as well. They come in a multitude of colors and textures to match any décor, and increase curb appeal and value, while even earning lower insurance premiums from specific Tennessee insurance providers.

Metal – Metal roofs are considered a work of art in architecture! Many historical buildings utilize metal because it is light and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Metal can be manufactured from aluminum, steel, lead or copper. Our professionals understand that adding or changing to a metal system is not an inexpensive proposition, yet for heirloom properties, historical buildings, and up scaled executive homes, it can be a wise investment that differentiates your property, while elevating its value. Our metal installation experts know how to design, install and finish high quality metal projects for optimum appearance and durability.

Flat – Flat roofs are a horse of a different color! Because they are “flat” in design, nature does not naturally drain water away, as on a peaked system. This means that moisture is always a concern. It is important to have our experienced professionals do a total evaluation of your flat roof on a regular basis. This will insure that the drainage system is functioning and not causing damaging waves (undulations) that may indicate troubling moisture issues. Undetected, these can potentially lead to leakage, failure and even collapse. This could also result in severe damage to the structure of the building, as well as to the interior stability.

Other flat roofing solutions also include:

Modified bitumen – This is a modified version of asphalt that is designed for commercial applications. It is usually constructed of sheets or large rolls of a modified version of asphalt. The materials are applied in a strategic layering process, and sealed by chemicals and/or heat. This process is called BUR (or built-up) roofing, as it provides a built-up layer to protect the property.

The flat roof solutions we suggest are a varying type of rubberized commercial coating, designed specifically to protect in this type of application. Originally intended for commercial application, many of these robust coatings are now also being used in residential flat roofing.

EPDM – (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) A commercial roof that is high in rubber polymers.

TPO – (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) A system for commercial use, as it is highly resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Because it is so weather resistant, TPO insurance claims are rare.

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