The Best Times To Set An Appointment With A Roofer

You’re often told to schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor once per year. However, how can you make the most out of this time, so that seasonal changes are catered to?


Spring – which brings a fluster of leaves and pollen on the roof. Should you call the contractor then to clean the roof and clear the gutters?

TN roofersSummertime – what about the scorching heat? In most cases when driving around town you’ll see a flurry of roof repairs being conducted on neighbors’ homes. The price typically escalates and there’s less chances of you seeing a roofer the same day or week you call. On many occasions during the summertime, you’ll have to set appointments well in advance, because it may take weeks for the roofer to get to you. The early bird catches the first worm, and if your insurance or budget doesn’t allow you to schedule an inspection until summertime, be sure to call during the spring months to setup an on-time scheduling.

Fall – is also a busy season for roofers. The gutters need to be cleared in preparation for wintertime, as leaves fall and clog the gutter systems. This is also an excellent time to look for leaks as the weather cools down a bit – but not to the point of freezing temperatures.

Wintertime – is one of the slowest seasons for roofers to work on these slippery and snowy surfaces, however, you may still need an on-call roofer just in case the snow needs to be removed due to the weight and risks of it collapsing. Calling a roofer during the off-season may be furthermore more expensive, however some services or repairs can’t wait – especially when a leak has been detected. One of the other most common services performed during the wintertime is roofing insulation to keep a drafty home at bay.

The answer to the question of the best time to repair a roof or set up an inspection, all depends. The most common determining factor is the type of service being performed. To give an illustration:

Roof Replacements – are best when the temperatures are moderate, such as the end of summer or beginning of fall. This is because the roofer will need to comply with temperature requirements when installing to prevent expansion or shrinkage. The contractor may furthermore leave the material out for a day or two to allow the materials, like asphalt, slate and wooden shingles to adjust to the temperature outside.

For Roof Coatings – this will usually be applied during the beginning of summer to prevent oxidation from extreme heat.

The top recommendations for homeowners is to consult with one of our TN roofing specialists to determine the best schedules based on cycles of repair and services. The roofer will have an estimated timeline regarding when certain repairs will be needed, and as such make accurate recommendations. For quick cleanups, a garden hose can be used to wash down debris and bird droppings. You can also use a heavy spray in the gutters, but be careful against slip and fall accidents.

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