Arched Roofs Are Becoming A Popular Trend in TN

If you are in the midst of replacing an old roof or repairing one that has been damaged by a storm, you probably are not thinking of all the great new trends that are popping up in roof design. You are probably getting bogged down in those pesky details of having to repair the roof of your home! While that is certainly not the most positive experience you could have, there are other ways to brighten up your roof replacement experience. Working with an expert roofing company will make your life much easier, as the stress of working with your insurance company will be lifted and you will also have the added benefit of getting to work with a company given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This kind of quality workmanship will make your roofing experience easier and a pleasant experience.

Hip and pent hip roof
Valsta säteri” by Zeth JohanssonOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

In addition, getting creative with your roof design makes the whole process much more exciting! While it is certainly true that you will have a some limitations in this roofing design because your roof has already been created, there are still some great additions you can make! For example, working with a different kind of shingle can add character and charm to a roof remodel. The biggest current trend in roofing today, however, is arched roofs and curved roofs. This adds a new kind of character to a roof and can give you a great new look if you are in the midst of a roof remodel or starting to build a new home from scratch!

Arched roofs in particular have become more popular in the building community. For one, these roofs are architecturally appealing as they create angles that are different from the most common roof shapes. When thinking about creating a new roof, bearing creativity in mind can really help your roof design to flourish. The curve and the arch of a roof is a great way to build a new look into the building design, creating flow and art without making too big of a splash. There are also easy ways to enhance this look or create the impression that there is more of an arch or curve than there actually is simply by using the right kinds of shingles.

When you add texture or color through a different kind of roofing material, you will find more and more that your roof is taking on a more interesting and more appealing look and feel. Best of all, you are not limited to any one kind of shingle when you are working with a curved roof; any kind will work! You can also create different textures and look by adding a roof edging or gutter option. These are particularly great when you want to enhance the edge of your roof and accentuate the curve there.

With these new trends on the rise, it is easier than ever to make your roof more appealing and more exciting to look at. New roofing trends are in, take advantage of them during your residential roofing remodel!

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