What to Know About the True Cost of a New Roof

Installing a brand-new roofing is one of the biggest expenses you’ll deal with as a house owner, and it can impact your comfort level, your yearly energy expenses, and even the home’s resale worth. Taking all of the following aspects into account can help you judge the true cost of a brand-new roof so it’s simpler to weigh your options.

Material Expense

Metal roofing is a more costly product that’s offered in an array of appealing colors and “designer” finishes that mimic the look of shakes, tile, or slate. When you decide for a top quality roofing product, you can expect to have at least a part of the additional cost offset by an increase in your house’s value.

Product Toughness & Life expectancy

Cost of a new roof installationThe sturdiness and anticipated lifespan of different materials needs to be considered. If you select shingles, you can anticipate them to last in between 15 and Thirty Years, however they’re susceptible to wind and hail damage. Metal is much more durable and needs little maintenance, and it has an expected life-span of up to 50 years.

Option of Installer

No matter what type of material you pick, your new roof needs to be installed correctly to secure your house. To obtain the full advantage of your financial investment, just think about trusted roofing contractors with a long history of providing outstanding service in the Memphis area.


The guarantee on your roofing product and the setup quality directly impact your future maintenance and repair costs. To get the greatest defense, go with an item from a well-established and respectable producer and a roofing company that stands behind their work. Choosing a factory-certified installer can likewise offer you the alternative of an enhanced manufacturer’s warranty on the entire roof system for longer, more detailed coverage.

Energy Performance

Whether you decide on shingles or metal, you’ll save money on your energy costs over your new roof’s service life by picking a higher-priced item specifically developed to reflect heat. Going with an Energy Star-certified product can minimize your energy consumption by as much as 20 percent.

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