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The Best Ways to Prepare Your Roofing for Fall and Winter

The summer season days are cooling down, the kids are starting a brand-new academic year and we are advised that the long rainy season will return. Fall is a wonderful season, and it’s the time of year when we have to button up our homes in addition to our coats. Between now and the very first freeze of winter, there are 4 things you can do to prepare your roof for bad weather condition. TIDY THE SEAMLESS GUTTERS When leaves and particles collect in your rain gutter system, ultimately, it...

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5 Unexpected Facts About a Metal Roofing system

Metal roofing systems are becoming significantly common, and for good reason. Here’s a look at five surprising advantages of this economical and durable roofing choice. High Wind Resistance Because of their high uplift resistance, a metal roofing is an excellent option for those who live in windy areas. Unlike shingles and shakes, which can easily get pulled off by a strong wind, the large panels utilized to develop metal roofs are tough for the wind to tear apart. They are also less...

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Best Practices For Winterizing Your Roof

The 2013-2014 winter in the US went on record as one of the harshest in the last century. Many of the northern states experienced record snowfall and roofers can attest to the effects the cold, wet weather had on roof tops. The older bitumen based roofing systems seemed to get the brunt of the damage. Now with another winter upon us it is an ideal time for property managers and homeowners to have their roofs winterized. All buildings need to properly maintain their roof regardless of the time...

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Five of the Most Common Types of Commercial Roofing

Before you install a new roof on your property, it is important to understand the different types of commercial roofing.  For example, if you live in an area that is extremely hot, a certain type of roofing will be best.  Or, if your area gets a lot of sever storms, choosing a type of roofing that can hold up to hail damage is crucial.  It is also important to understand which types of roofing will have to be replaced every several years, and which won’t.  In order to make that process...

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Does Your TN Roof Need Repair Or Replacing?

Assessing the damage to a home’s roofing after a storm or other event has big implications on the follow up steps necessary. A roof in good condition initially might only be slightly phased by hail damage during a storm, but there are also more obvious cases such as a tree falling down on a roof that requires complete roof repairs or even a replacement altogether. Even roofs that look like they have weathered severe storms can have long lasting damage that is not as obvious visually as other...

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The Best Times To Set An Appointment With A Roofer

You’re often told to schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor once per year. However, how can you make the most out of this time, so that seasonal changes are catered to? Consider: Spring – which brings a fluster of leaves and pollen on the roof. Should you call the contractor then to clean the roof and clear the gutters? Summertime – what about the scorching heat? In most cases when driving around town you’ll see a flurry of roof repairs being conducted on neighbors’...

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Have Residential Roofers Inspect Your Roof Annually

Maintaining a residential or commercial building is a lot of work.  If you want the building to last, without needing major repairs, you need to keep up with all the minor maintenance along the way.  If you repair everything as soon as you notice the slightest bit of damage, you will save yourself money and reduce your stress levels in the long run. Some parts of your house or building are not visible to you on a daily basis.  Your roof, for example, is not something that you can observe...

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Arched Roofs Are Becoming A Popular Trend in TN

If you are in the midst of replacing an old roof or repairing one that has been damaged by a storm, you probably are not thinking of all the great new trends that are popping up in roof design. You are probably getting bogged down in those pesky details of having to repair the roof of your home! While that is certainly not the most positive experience you could have, there are other ways to brighten up your roof replacement experience. Working with an expert roofing company will make your life...

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Roof Damage Repair – Dealing With A Leaky Roof

There are many ways to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape, and to help prevent ice build up on your roof in case another storm hits before the spring season rolls in. Here at TN Roofing Pros, we pride ourselves on providing the best ice roof damage repair in the Tennessee area, but we’ve also compiled some suggestions you can perform on your own to help with ice buildup prevention in order to keep your roof in pristine order. Using a Roof Rake Use a roof rake to brush all ice and...

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Fire Resistant Roofs and Their Rating System

An ideal roof covering is one that is difficult to ignite.  With the large number of forest fires in the U. S. every year homeowners and insurance companies are looking more closely at roofing systems that are less combustible. The national fire protection association has a standard method for testing roofing assemblies for their heat release rate and susceptibility to combustion.  These standards classified roofing system as a class A, class B, class C .  This is based on their ability...

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